Everything is Not for Everyone

By: Gerald B. Colson

It has been a while since my last article. Since then a lot of things have happened good and no so good but to God be the Glory I’m still here. When I begin this Journey On The Road to Success I said I would chronicle my mistakes as well as my successes. I believe success is not just something that just happens to you but it is more of the result of the decision you make. Some of the most successful people have fell or fallen short of their desired goals before they finally achieved them. The great Michael Jordan got put out the Playoffs before he was able to win several Championships.

A mistake I have made in the last several months is not writing. The reason for writing my journey begin with the desire to help other as I helped myself. My desire is to be successful and to help others to be successful too. I want people to learn and grow with me. I don’t have all the answers but I’m willing to look for the solutions. Not only I am I will to look for the solution but I’m also willing to share them with others as well. I have been involved in a Network Marketing Business / MLM (Multi Level Marketing) for Health and Nutrition. I have been involved in a couple different ones before too but I have never had any success with them. So once again I’m involved in this MLM and I am still not seeing the level of success some others have achieved. Does that mean that this MLM does not work? NO! It works and I know this and that is what is so frustrating to me. So if I know it works but I’m not having success at it then that means I’m the problem and not the MLM.

I come to discover something and I believe that it is an important discovery to me at least. Just because something is successful for someone else it does not mean it will be successful for you. You can work it do everything they tell you what worked for them and still not have it work for you. Everything is not for everyone. I was told don’t give up on it just keep trying to work it and it will work just don’t give up. This advise sounds great and the person or people telling you really believe it and I do too. The problem is that as some point you have to ask yourself an important question. Do I want to continue doing this or not? It is not a question of will it work but rather how long before it works. You can choose to continue something and hope one day you will reap the benefits or you can decide I would rather spend my time and energy doing something else.

Everything in life you go through in has a reason. Life will teach us many lessons but it is fully on us to learn them and use them. I know with me and this MLM I really took the time to understand what it really was and how it really works. The lesson for me was and is how do I leverage the power of a MLM system to my benefit and the Lord showed me a plan but I still have to execute it. Take the time to discover the lessons life is trying to teach you and take the necessary steps to learn and grow from them.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed I’ll See You On The Road to Success.