Welcome to FLEX’N YOUR FAITH your New Inspiration Source. FLEX’N YOUR FAITH is dedicated to the building up of your Faith. Faith is a muscle but not just any muscle. It is not like your physical muscles in your body where anyone can see how well developed they are. Your Faith Muscle will not make your physical appearance noticeably different at first glance. Only through your words, actions, deeds and life lived will someone see how developed your Faith Muscle really is.

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Everything is Not for Everyone

Everything is Not for Everyone By: Gerald B. Colson It has been a while since my last article. Since then a lot of things have happened good and no so good but to God be the Glory I’m still here. When I begin this Journey On The Road to Success I said I would chronicle

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Untold Chronicles showcases the difficult issues, life changing events and experiences of leaders that caused them to want to throw in the towel, stop going to church and for some, ultimately leave God. However, God had a plan for each one of their lives and each featured guest narrates their account of deliverance, while demonstrating to those also affected, there is an exit plan. They offer steps, sacred writings and supplications to give guidance on how to recover their relationship with Christ, while also learning how to trust again.

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